Xtrike MK-503KIT Gaming Combo Keyboard+Mouse


Xtrike MK-503KIT Gaming Combo Keyboard+Mouse

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Specifications / Features:

Gaming Keyboard:
– Keyboard Type: The gaming keyboard is typically a membrane or mechanical keyboard designed for gaming.
– Key Switch Type: Depending on the model, it may feature membrane switches for a quieter typing experience or mechanical switches for tactile feedback and faster response.
– Backlit Keys: Many gaming keyboards come with customizable RGB backlighting, allowing you to choose from a variety of colors and lighting effects to match your gaming setup.
– Anti-Ghosting: Anti-ghosting technology ensures that multiple key presses can be registered simultaneously, preventing key conflicts during gameplay.
– Multimedia Controls: Some gaming keyboards have dedicated multimedia keys for quick access to volume control, playback, and other functions.
– Programmable Keys: Certain models may offer programmable keys that can be customized for in-game macros and shortcuts.
– Wrist Rest: A detachable or integrated wrist rest can provide comfort during long gaming sessions.

Gaming Mouse:
– Mouse Type: The gaming mouse is designed for precision and performance in gaming applications.
– DPI (Dots Per Inch): Gaming mice often feature adjustable DPI settings, allowing you to change sensitivity on the fly for different gaming scenarios.
– Number of Buttons: Gaming mice may have additional buttons, including side buttons, that can be programmed for specific functions.
– RGB Lighting: Many gaming mice come with RGB lighting customization to match your keyboard or gaming setup.
– Sensor Technology: High-quality optical or laser sensors provide accurate tracking and responsiveness.
– Ergonomic Design: The mouse is often designed ergonomically for comfortable use during extended gaming sessions.
– Polling Rate: A high polling rate ensures low latency and rapid response.
– Weight Adjustment: Some gaming mice offer weight customization options to fine-tune the feel of the mouse.


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