ST-L1376M+ Universal TV Remote


ST-L1376M+ Universal TV Remote

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RM-L1376M+ is the newest universal LCD/LED
TV remote control , Comprehensive care at
different levels need, it can control old or new
TV, famous brand or un-famous brand TV,
nearly all models for TV. Commonly used
functions and menu button all including. Easy
setup, conveniently use, it is the best choice for
your remote controller losing, damage
replacement, it will bring more convenient for
your life
RM-L1376M+ is the Newly developed TV universal
remote control by HUAYU company, it is suitable
for domestic and foreign brand LCD/LED/O-
CLD/OLED/QLED TV remote control in Malaysia
and Singapore
Manually Search Code: (SET+POWER- V+/V-
1, press and hold “POWER” and “SET” button
until the LED to be lighted, then release two
2, Continuously press V+/V- the remote control
will start to search forward/backward, until the TV
shows the volume symbol, release V+/- button,
and press “SET” button for save setting and exit
setup mode
Automatic Search Code: (press and hold SET
Press `and hold “SET” button for 6s, the remote
control will turn to automatic search mode, until
the TV shows the volume symbol, release “SET”
button, setting to be finished
Brand Search
Press and hold corresponding brand button for
5s,the LED will be lighted, the remote control start
to search codes. until the TV shows the volume
symbol, release button immediately, setting to be


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