PlayStation4 Super Kit TP4-18101


PlayStation4 Super Kit TP4-18101

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The PlayStation4 Super Kit TP4-18101 is the ultimate gaming solution for all avid gamers. With this kit, you get everything you need to enhance your gaming experience and take your skills to the next level. The kit comprises of a high-performance gaming headset with noise-canceling technology that blocks out external noise for an immersive gaming experience. The headset is equipped with a built-in mic that allows you to communicate with your teammates easily. Additionally, you get a high-speed charging dock that charges up to two controllers simultaneously, ensuring that you are always ready for intense gaming sessions. The charging dock’s compact design also makes it easy to store and use. The kit also includes a durable dual-controller silicone skin that provides excellent grip and protection for your controllers, ensuring that they remain in top condition, even after extended hours of gaming.


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