Patriot Viper Venom RGB DDR5 32GB (2X16GB) 6400MT/s UDIMM Kit


Patriot Viper Venom RGB DDR5 32GB (2X16GB) 6400MT/s UDIMM Kit

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Viper Gaming is very excited to reveal the first of our DDR5 generation, the Viper Venom DDR5 DRAM series! The Viper Venom DDR5 memory series is the first generation of our DDR5, made for insane system performance on DDR5 platforms! Viper Venom DDR5 memory modules are designed with groundbreaking technology to set benchmarks even higher than most extreme overclocked DDR4 modules and delivers twice as fast, doubling the current bandwidth of DDR4.

The Viper Venom DDR5 modules have innovative onboard powermanagement ICs for more efficient operation and lower powerconsumption, along with onboard thermal management technologyproviding longer life for the modules. With a limited lifetimewarranty, this cutting-edge technology will enable blazing quick application start-ups while expanding your system’s capabilities.

Viper Venom DDR5 DRAM modules generate superior improvementstowards user experience over previous memory lines and will be the next ultimate solution for gaming enthusiasts globally!

-Series: Viper Venom RGB DDR5 series
-Edition: Matte Black with Red Viper logo / Silver name plate
-Aluminum heat spreader with unique and specific design element
-Feature Overclock: XMP 3.0 overclocking supported
-Compatibility: Tested across latest DDR5 platforms for reliably on high performance
-Limited lifetime warranty

-On-Die ECC
-Thermal sensor
-Capacity: 32GB (2 x 16GB)
-Base Frequency: PC5-38400 (4800MT/s)
-Base Timings: 40-40-40-77
-Base Voltage: 1.1V
-Tested Frequency XMP Profile 1: PC5-51200 (6400MT/s)
-Tested Timings: 32-40-40-84
-Tested Voltage for XMP Profile 1: 1.4V
-Tested Frequency XMP Profile 2: PC5-49600 (6200MT/s)
-Tested Timings: 40-40-40-76
-Tested Voltage for XMP Profile 2: 1.35V
-Tested Frequency XMP Profile 3: PC5-48000 (6000MT/s)
-Tested Timings: 36-36-36-76
-Tested Voltage for XMP Profile 3: 1.35V
-RGB Sync with ASUS/ASRock/MSI/Gigabyte motherboard (please check with motherboard vendor for more info)
-Viper Venom Exclusive RGB APP


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