Onikuma X26 Pink Gaming Headset


Onikuma X26 Pink Gaming Headset

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– Colorful RGB lighting, looks so cool
– Adaptive suspension head beam, suitable for different head shape
– 360 omnidirectional mic, effectively reduce ambient noise, pick up voice accurately, make voice clearer
– Full wrap earmuff, ultra-light design makes it easy to wear for a long time


– Drive unit size: 50MM
– Impedance: 32 +15%
– Microphone size: 6.0×5.0mm
– Microphone impedance:<2.2K
– Cable length: 2.2M+0.1 5M
– Working current: 180mA
– Sensitivity: 102+3 db
– Frequency range: 20Hz – 20KHz
– Microphone sensitivity: – 38+3dB
– Directionality: omnidirectional
– LED working voltage: DC5V+5%
– Headphone jack: USB+3.5MM


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