Mini UPS DC + POE 8 800mAh


Mini UPS DC + POE 8 800mAh

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Product Features:
– Built-in lithium Battery
– Microprocessor controller guarantees high reliability
– Auto Start when plugged in
– Manuel power off switch
– Overload & short-circuit protection
– User’s friendly multi-LED status Indicators
– Allows to set output voltage 5V/9V/12V DC (Selector) & 15V/24V POE (Selector)
– The POE function is optional
– 5V USB Charger
– Used on routers, phones, CCTV etc

For optimal results, please read the user manuel before you use the product. Chage the UPS once every three months if it is not in use. It is normal if the product’s temperature gets a bit high during charging. Please keep the UPS clean & do not clean it using detergents.


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