Lavalier 3.5mm Jack Microphone


Lavalier 3.5mm Jack Microphone

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The omnidirectional microphone with high-sensitivity and advanced noise cancellation technology is a farewell with clear and clean sound without distortion.

AUX 3.5mm Jack Simply plugs the microphone into devices. A mini size microphone you can bring it everywhere and start your record anytime. (PS: Does NOT work with Pocket Osmo and Gopro Insta360)

Attach the external microphones to your cell phone Use for Youtube & TikTok & Zoom Podcasting, Bloggers Vloggers Podcasts, GarageBand, Interviews and more.

No drivers, No batteries are needed for the microphone. Simply Connect Your microphone tightly and start recording. If you are using with cellphones always make sure to unplug your mic before playing your recordings.


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