Goobay USB-C Aluminium Multiport Adapter


Goobay USB-C Aluminium Multiport Adapter

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adds one Ethernet, one HDMI™, one VGA, one mini DisplayPort and three USB-A 3.0 connections as well as one 3.5 mm jack connection and a card reader for SD and micro SD cards to a USB-C™ device

USB-C™ Multiport Adapter made of aluminium extends a USB-C™ device with an Ethernet-, a 3,5 mm jack socket, a card reader for SD- and Micro-SD cards, a HDMI™-, a VGA-, a Mini DisplayPort & 3 USB A 3.0 connectors.

-Function – The multiport adapter mirrors signals from USB-C™ to the most common ports and is therefore the perfect all-in-one solution.
-Power Delivery 60 W – Enables charging of end devices with a power of up to 60 watts. This means that large notebooks, hubs or docking stations, for example, can be charged without difficulty.
-Resolutions – The USB-C™ Multidock supports VGA screen resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz and HDMI™, and Mini DisplayPort connection, up to 4k x 2k @ 30 Hz.
-Network function – Built-in Ethernet port ensures super-fast network connection in the Gigabit range.
-Reading from memory cards – Integrated card reader enables reading from SD and MicroSD cards. In addition, three USB A 3.0 ports have been installed.
-Use – Suitable for the MacBook, MacBook Pro and other devices with a USB-C ™ connection.
-Plug & Play – The USB-C™ multiport adapter can be used without installing drivers.

Technical specifications

Device connections
Input, type: USB-C™ male
Output 2, type: 3 USB 3.0 female (Type A)
Output, type: USB-C™ female
Output 3, type: HDMI™ female (Type A)
Output 4, type: VGA female HD (15-pin)

Cable length: 0.13 m

Signal transmission
max. transmission rate: 5 Gbit/s

Color: silver
Material: aluminum
Packaging type: Retail Box

Dimensions / Weight
Length: 210 mm
Width: 135 mm
Height: 17 mm
Weight: 200 g


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