Armaggeddon Reload 5 Notebook Backpack – Black


Armaggeddon Reload 5 Notebook Backpack – Black

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Comfortable, Slim, Stylish

The Perfect Everyday Carry
The Reload bag series is minimalist, functional and a durable backpack. Focusing on transporting only the essentials.

The Right amount of Compact
The Reload bag is not just another stylish backpack. it is also functional wear! it’s a gamer backpack with plenty of organization for commuting to campus

Wear for Comfort
The Reload bag houses an exterior back panel stash pocket allowing for quick access of smaller items or important travel documents

Eco Friendly
Key Fibric is recycled from plastic bottles.
Those bottles are broken down into grains, fused to pellets, woven into yarn, and sewed into fabric. The Finished product is a backpack made of polyester, which has all the features that make it the ideal material in the fashion industry, lightweight, adaptable, water-resistant, and durable.


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