Armaggeddon Recce 15 GAIA Notebook Backpack – Pink


Armaggeddon Recce 15 GAIA Notebook Backpack – Pink

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Gaia Backpack is made from approximately six bottles
Those Bottles are broken down into grains, fused into pallets, woven into yarn and sewed into fabric
The finished product is a backpack made of polyester, which has all the features that make it the ideal materials in the fashion industry.

Multi Storage Design
Additional Luggage Strap
Anti-Theft Pocket
Light Weight and Minimalist
Supports Up to 15″ Notebooks
Dedicated Charing Port

Specifications :
Light Weight Material
Deceptively Slim Outlook
Multiple Front Pocket
Padded back and shoulder straps

Product Dimension and Weight :
Dimension: Length 430 x Height 320mm
Weight : 549Gram


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