Armaggeddon Grumman Raven-III Stealth Gaming Mouse


Armaggeddon Grumman Raven-III Stealth Gaming Mouse

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-6400 CPI Gaming Mouse with Customizable RGB Lights
-16.8 Million Colours Customizable RGB Lights
-Macroable Gaming Mouse with 2-way+click Scroll
-High Performance Tracking Speed up to 160 Inches per Second
-Extra Set of Teflon Footpads Included
-199 Armaggeddon Custom Optical Gaming Sensor
-World’s Most Durable Huano 5 Million Click Switches
-Silent Click

-5-Button + 2-way Click Scroll
-Armaggeddon 199 Gaming Engine
-Resolution: 500-6400CPI
-Frame Rate: 4000FPS
-Acceleration: 12G
-Polling Rate: 125Hz
-Tracking Speed: 32 Inch/Sec
-Dimensions: 117 x 65 x 38mm
-Weight: 90g
-Matt UV Finishing
-1.8m Ultra Durable Cable


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