Aoitis 12V12A Battery Charger


Aoitis 12V12A Battery Charger

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– 12V intelligent charger
– Current:2A Input voltage:AC220V Output voltage:DC12V CE
– To charge battery:12V4AH-12V20AH

When you use the charger, first use the red clamp to clamp the positive pole of the battery, and the black clamp to clamp the negative pole, and then plug in the charger to a power source, so it will begin charging.
When charging, the indicating light is red, and it will turn green when the battery is fully charged.After fully charging the battery, the charger will automatically enter into a floating charge condition.
The charger has an out-put mis-connect prolection function. If the clamps are connected to the wrong poles of the battery, the charger will not work until the clamps are connected to the right poles.
This charger is a DC pulse charger, so, normally, its spark is comparably small.

Please do not charge non-rechargeable batteries with the product.


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