Goobay Stereo 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter 3m Cable


Goobay Stereo 3.5mm Jack Audio Adapter 3m Cable

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3.5 mm male (3-pin, stereo) > 3.5 mm male (3-pin, stereo)

Goobay Plus always provides the perfect electronic accessories for your audio applications, e.g. for hobby sound studios or music sessions. Our products transmit top-quality audio signals for a crystal-clear sound experience. The robust construction and high-quality materials of our connection cables and audio plugs create an impressive entertainment experience. Simply. All. You need!

-The audio cable connects multimedia devices with a 3.5 mm jack socket such as smartphones and tablets to an output device, e.g. PC, amplifier or loudspeaker.
-Gold-plated audio jacks for perfect sound quality without interference noise.
-Stereo jack cable with shock-proof plug housing made of full metal
-Thanks to the slim design, the phone connector fits easily into the jack socket, even when the device is in a protective cover.
-Goobay AUX cable with optimised bend protection and flexible cable sheathing

Technical specifications

Connection, type: 3.5 mm male (3-pin, stereo)
Connection 2, type: 3.5 mm male (3-pin, stereo)
Kink protection: yes

Cable type: round cable
Number of shieldings: 2 x
Type 1, shielding: foil (aluminium)
Type 2, shielding: braid (copper) 32x
Inner conductor material: CCS
Ferrite core: no
Cable length: 3 m


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